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 Which of the following drugs bind to AAG (α1-acid glycoprotein)?

A.  Alfenatnil
B.  Bupivicaine
C.  Fentanyl
D.  Lidocaine
E.  All of the above 
When choosing a nondepolarizing muscle relaxant in an eldely patient, all of the following factors must be accounted for EXCEPT?
A.  Decreased sensitivity of the drug at the acetylcholine receptor
B.  Decreases in hepatic blood flow
C.  Decreases in renal blood flow
D.  Altered volumes of distribution
E.  All of the above are factors that must be considered
A 57 year old male is about to undergo removal of a spinal tumor.  He states that he is concerned about losing his vision from the procedure.  Which of the following are risk factors for perioperative visual loss?
A.  Beach chair position
B.  Deliberate hypotension
C.  Use of Colloids
D.  Anemia
E.  All of the above 



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